More than half of Oregon brides are dissapointed with their wedding!


Oregonians are known for that “Do It Yourself” attitude, unfortunately when you decide to “do it yourself” on your most important day of your life you end up very unhappy. Oregonians also tend to have the free spirited attitude that “everything will work out, and everything will be OK” which also ends in disaster. Most brides only hire half the vendors that they need thinking that “it will all be OK, my friends & family can do the rest.” Your family & friends want to enjoy your wedding with you, not be put to work. I have seen way too many arguments happen because someone got too drunk when they were responsible for a part of the wedding & couldn’t perform the task. As a result Oregon brides are statistically unhappy, one of the highest in the nation, with more than half of brides disappointed in the wedding over all, and 78% wanting to change things about their wedding afterwards.

It isn’t until the next day when they break down what really stood out & compare that to how much money they spent on it. I know a bride that spent $1000 on rentals for a few nice leather benches so guests could sit down, but no one sat on them. She thinks “Great I spent $1000 for nothing!” Another couple spent thousands of dollars on flowers, and they sat outside in direct sunlight on a 100+ degree-day and they withered before dinner, even with constant water misting.

Then there are the things that you wish you spent more on. A wedding planner with real experience, not just your “aunt.” A baker who doesn’t freeze their cakes (which dries out the cake).  Then there is the infamous “DJ” who shows up with barely enough time to set up, only likes the dancing portion of the wedding and doesn’t pay much attention to the other 90%, and has a generic playlist that he uses for every single function (wedding or not). That or you thought it would be smart & economical to use an iPod, only to have a limited selection of songs and no one tending to the song list killing the night.

How do you make sure that your wedding doesn’t end in disaster? The biggest thing that you can do is hire a wedding planner who will explain all of this to you & help save you money in the process.

*This was Published by Simon Blanco

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One comment on “More than half of Oregon brides are dissapointed with their wedding!
  1. Adam Tiegs says:

    What a nice read. Completely true!

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